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What started in the kitchen as a

past-time, turned into a passion...

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Finally, Sugar-Free, Guilt-Free Gummy Bears without the Weird.

Zero-Sugar. All the Flavor.

Scrummy Gummy Bears are made with clean, natural sweeteners, all organic natural flavors, and organic natural colors made from natural plant, and fruit, and vegetable sources.

These gummy bears have zero-sugar impact, making them keto-friendly, with non-GMO and organic ingredients AND they’re actually TASTY (because let’s be honest, it doesn’t matter how wholesome the ingredients are if it tastes like crap, right??).

What started as a past-time in the kitchen has evolved into a product that is long overdue in the marketplace: A truly sugar-free, zero impact gummy bear that, according to taste tests, actually taste as good as the sugary versions.

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NO artificial or chemical sweeteners. NO sugar-alcohols. NO artificial flavors or colors. Made in the USA with ingredients that are sourced with integrity.

6 Fruity Organic

Yummy Flavors

We came up with flavors we love based on our personal favorites and taste-tests with people like you.

Taste-tests were conducted with kids of all ages (including my very skeptical grandson), moms, dads, sugar-hounds, gummy bear enthusiasts, grandmothers, and health enthusiasts.

The response has been overwhelming that our gummy bears taste as good–if not better than their sugary counterparts. 

Reasons to love our gummy bears.

Whole Bag Serving

Each bag has approx 25 gummy bears. None of this 8 or 9 gummy bears per serving nonsense.

6 Fruity Flavors

Scrumptious fruit medley of watermelon, green apple, strawberry, mixed berries, lime and orange.

No Crap Ingredients

Made in the USA with ingredients that are sourced with integrity. Actually.


We chose ingredients that are guilt-free for any lifestyle, and even suitable for keto & diabetics.

Zero-Sugar Sweeteners

No weird after-taste.

Let’s be honest. Most sugar alternatives have a weird aftertaste or they taste like something other than the simple sweet flavor that sugar has. This makes it hard for sugar-lovers to switch to sugar-free alternatives.

We wanted a truly NO-impact sweetener, but we didn’t want to compromise on flavor. Our goal was to create a gummy bear that appeals to everyone.

What people are saying about our gummy bears...

No Sugar Alcohols.

Some sugar alcohols can spike blood sugar, and not everyone can tolerate sugar alcohols without experiencing digestive consequences. This recipe started in our own kitchen for those reasons. We wanted something we could snack on and give to the grandkids that they would eat.

Clean All-Natural Sweeteners

Zero Sugar Impact

We tried a few different sweeteners, and our favorite recipe for flavor and sugar impact included both allulose sweetener and monk fruit.

Allulose sounds like an artificial sweetener, but it isn’t. It’s actually a naturally occurring rare sugar found in very small amounts in certain fruits like raisins and figs. And while its molecule is nearly identical to fructose, it isn’t recognized as such by the body and passes through the urine with zero-sugar impact. Because of this, it is truly keto-friendly. Our allulose is 3rd party verified non-GMO.

Monk fruit extract is also a zero-impact sweetener that is only grown in southern China. Our monk fruit is Non-GMO Project Verified.

Ketogenic Certified

Lots of brands claim to be "keto", but we wanted to remove any doubt about our carefully formulated products. So, we've had all of them independently tested at a qualified facility that specializes in ketogenic science and testing on real people (and not just based on an ingredient label). We had to ensure that our candy did not kick them out of ketosis or spike their blood sugar. We chose not just any certification, but THE Gold Standard in Ketogenic Certification.

No Artificial Flavors or Colors. Period.

No Artificial Colors

As a mother and grandmother, our founder has firsthand experience with the effects that artificial colors can have on little humans. This was never an option when she made these at home, so why compromise in bringing them to the rest of the world?

Our flavors are made with organic natural fruity flavors and our colors (yes, these) are organic natural colors made from real fruits and vegetables and plant sources.

We have you covered when you buy from us.

There are lots of reasons why it pays to buy from us. Here are just a few.

Same Day Shipping

We'll ship your gummies on the same day when you place your order by 3:00pm EST.

Scrummy Promise

We think you'll love these. But, if you don't, let us know, and we will replace or refund your purchase.

Earn Scrummy Bucks

Refer a friend and they get $5 off their order, and you get $5 off your next order.

Quality We Trust

For us, there was never a question. All of our products are made here in the USA.