Where did the word “Scrummy” come from?

What are Scrummy Sweets sweetened with?

Why did you choose Monk Fruit and Allulose as the sweeteners?

Why not use sugar alcohols like Erythritol or Xylitol?

Do these gummy bears cause "digestive explosive" effects?

Are Scrummy Gummy Bears vegan?

Are Scrummy Sweets actually made with ZERO SUGAR?

Are Scrummy Sweets Non-GMO?

Are Scrummy Sweets Kosher Certified?

Where are Scrummy Sweets made?

Is there some way to try your products before committing to a whole box of gummy bears?

Can you ship internationally?

What is your return policy?

My order melted, what do I do?

Do you have a rewards or affiliate program so I can share these?

How can I sell Scrummy Sweets in my store?

Do you work with bloggers/influencers?