Oh. Hello there.

Welcome to the secret vault, where we keep a bit of this and that – though we will mix it up every now and then…unexpectedly.

We appreciate your curiosity and respect the fact that you made it here, so we have a special something just for you.

Here is a special code you can use the next time you buy a box of our Scrummy Gummy Bears. The first 50 people to use this code will get 20% off PLUS we will include a little surprise with your order. And not a lame surprise either-something scrummy that you can’t get otherwise.

Your code: SUPERSECRET22

Meanwhile, here’s an adorable picture of our granddaughter to make you smile (in case the kitten didn't quite do the trick).

Scrummy Word Puzzle

Here's a fun little word search to keep you busy whilst you wait for gummy bear order to arrive...